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White Men Dating Black Women: Why These Relationships Are So Uniquely Successful

Marriage can have an almost 40% failure rate within the first eight years, yet for white men dating black women , these types of relationships seems to have a higher rate of success. When it's a black white relationship with white men dating black women, for someone reason if you want a lifetime commitment, you need to be a white man and a black woman.

Here are some reasons why these types of relationships can be so uniquely successful.

1. More accepting of others. The black woman or the white man may be more accepting of other people. They’ve gone beyond the stereotypes of race, and likely have even seen past the stereotypes of traditional male and female roles in the home. In the past, it was often white women who were entitled enough to stay at home in the 50s to the 80s, but black women had to get out there and earn an income to give their family the support they needed. Since there are no assumptions in black white relationships, they can better adapt and make mutual decisions.

2. Income support. While it’s more likely that a black woman will continue working after having kids, than a white woman will, she will likely still make less than her white partner. With such wide income disparities, it’s more likely that this type of relationship will stick together. And while dating, she’ll be more inclined to make it work, as having a white man with a good job makes him an attractive partner.

3. Sharing life’s frustrations. There are frustrations to being a woman in society, and then there are frustrations when you’re a black woman. Clothing may simply not fit right around hips or bustline. You may have trouble finding hair products to cope with your thick curly hair. Perhaps some dates have treated you like some exotic beauty, but you just want to be treated like everyone else. You can share your frustrations with your white man, and he’ll listen. This may be one of the reasons why he prefers white men dating black women, as all the mysteries are opened wide, rather than the secrecy of the white woman’s beauty and fashion routine.

4. 10% more eligible black women. Since black men date white women, this means that there are less black men for black women to date. This puts a ton more women into the dating pool for white men who don’t care about your race one way or the other. And if men have been getting frustrated with dating white women, they may achieve better success with black women.

5. There’s something special. With black women dating white men , there is something special about the relationship. It's a bit different, yet it’s still the same as any other type of relationship. You can hold onto that special component for the lifetime of your relationship.

If you’re one of the white men dating a black woman, you may have many other reasons why your relationship has been so successful. And if you’re not dating anyone yet, it may be time to join black white dating a try! Love knows no color.

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